Flora X3
Flora X3
Flora X3
Flora X3
Flora X3
Flora X3

Flora roll-to-roll textile printing machine

Industrial inkjet head application

Supporting CMYKORBLk/CMYKLmRBK, 8 colors

High resolution printing up to 508*1800dpi

2000mm wide printing format

Printing-on-demand technology

Applicable to various fabric types

Low consumption, low maintenance rate, low cost

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Model No. X3
Printhead Qty 16 industrial piezoeletric inkjet heads
Printing speed  
Draft mode 300㎡/h   
Production mode 220㎡/h   
Quality  mode 180㎡/h   
Resolution 508*600dpi / 508*1200 dpi / 508*1800dpi
Ink typereactive ink, pigment ink
Color configurationK-C-M-Y-O-R-B-Lk
Cartridge  capacity 10L/color
RIP software  RIPNeoStampa
Media handling  Sticky belt 
Media specification Max coil diameter 400mm, max width 2000mm
Pinting width  2000mm
Media width   2000mm
Media type  cotton, linen, silk, etc 
Data interface  optical fiber
PC specificaiton  CPU: I7, RAM:16G, ROM:500GB
Machine dimension   4270*2210*1970mm
Net weight   3500KGS
Height of belt  965mm
Package dimension 4500*2400*2300mm*1
Environment requirements
Temperature  25~28℃
Humidity  60%~70%
Power requirements  
Printer 12KW(380V, 20A)
Air clean and dry air ≥0.6Mpa, 0.6m³/min, gasholder≥30L

*Industrial high-qulaity sticky belt

Seamless industry-grade belt, controlled by advanced software tech, to make sure fabric movement stable and accurate.

*Belt cleaning system

Complete system of brush roller, sponge roller, gluing roller,  to keep sticky belt clean and fully functional. 

*Auto printhead cleaing and moisturizing system

Equipped with printhead auto ink wiping, cleaning an moisturizing system, to protect printhead and prolong head life-time.

*Efficient ink circulation system

Ink circulation keeps ink supply great fluency to ensure continunous printing and color performance, and protect printheads.

*Mode switch for different fabric printing

Automatic switch modes among knitting , woven, elasstic and nonelastic fabrics. Widely applied for different fabrics printing and ink solutions. 

*Smart control system

Applying PLC for whole machine control to strengthen system stability. Friendly touch panel is applied to ease printer operation, saving manpower cost. 

Wide applications



--fashion accessories

--home textiles 

--wall cloths 

--table cloths 

--furniture textile 

Various applicable fabrics








--blending fabric

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