Flora T30S
Flora T30S
Flora T30S
Flora T30S

FLORA T-shirt  printer oval machine

High definition industrial printheads, grayscale printing technology application.

Printing speed up to 450 pcs/hr.

Resolution up to 605x1200dpi.

Build-in print head capping system and automatic clean system.

Liner motor and metal scale, high speed, high quality, high stability.

Stable ink supply line with degasing system and automatic negative pressure adjustment system.

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Printhead8~12 Richo G5 Printheads/8~10 Starfire 1024 Printheads
Printing sizeUp to 90×110cm
Applicable Fabricpure cotton, dacron, polyester-mixed cotton, Lycra, rayon, real silk, modal, jean, linen, wool, etc
Ink Type4 color pigment ink
Dimension250 x 150 x 180cm
Electricity Request220V , 50HZ
Operation Condition18℃-30℃,humidity  35-65%

*Non-chain driving structure ensures a low-load transmission reducing equipment' s abrasion the most to extend working life.

*Applicable to screen frames in different sizes and various processes like slurry coating, adhesive cement, printing ink, discharge print, frothing, thick plate, etc.

*Expandable to various functions like gilding, flocking, digital printing,creativity greatly allowed.

*Print stations can be applied to print on garments and garmet pieces. Small-quantity production and e-business purchaser allowed.

*Unique design and manufacturing accuracy ensures polychrome printing accuracy to +0. 2mm.

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