FLORA at drupa: Innovative Printing Technology Leads the Trend

FLORA at drupa: Innovative printing technology leads the trend

After 11 days of brilliant journey, the global attention of Drupa 2024 has come to a successful end, the exhibition gathered the world's first-class brands competing on the same stage, new technologies and new products emerge one after another, bringing a strong impact and far-reaching influence on the printing industry. As a leader in the field of digital printing manufacturing, " FLORA" won wide attention and warm response in this exhibition with outstanding performance and excellent quality standards, fully demonstrating the deep innovative strength and leading technology level of Runtianzhi.

FLORA at drupa: Innovative printing technology leads the trend

  • Quality is the Key to Excellence

Deeply plowing into the digital inkjet printing industry for 24 years, Runtianzhi has won wide acclaim in the industry for its efficient and stable printing quality. The FLORA portfolio of digital printers, unveiled at DRUPA 2024, combines extreme speed and precision, greatly enhancing printing efficiency and making the production process more convenient and efficient. The high printing resolution of up to 1200 dpi presents delicate and realistic image effects, which meets the users' pursuit of high-quality printing, easily responds to the diversified needs of the market, and brings users an unparalleled printing experience.

FLORA at drupa: Innovative printing technology leads the trend

As a new product launched by Runtianzhi for the publication printing market, the FLORA Phenix 440C high-speed inkjet press made a big splash at Drupa , adopting 1200dpi high-definition printing technology, which delivers clear and detailed print quality for both fine text and complex images. The wide printing width of up to 460mm meets the needs of a wide range of publication sizes, giving a whole new lease of life to books and journals and more. With its high-speed, high-precision and flexible printing characteristics, this press has become a shining star in the field of publication printing and has won a number of orders at the exhibition site.

FLORA at drupa: Innovative printing technology leads the trend

FLORA J-350GT HD digital label printer is also very popular. This device applies advanced inkjet printing technology and is capable of achieving a print resolution of up to 1200*1200dpi, and it also has strong color management capabilities, which can accurately restore colors and meet customers' requirements for color accuracy. In practical application, the FLORA digital printer shows excellent stability and reliability, even in the case of long-time continuous work, but also can maintain a stable printing speed and consistent printing quality.

  • Innovative Technology

The FLORA digital printer not only excels in performance, but also leads the industry in technological innovation. Through continuous R&D of new technologies and the application of AI, big data and other advanced technologies in the printing and manufacturing field, Runtianzhi continues to promote the intelligent and digital development of the printing industry. At drupa, the debut launch of the FLORA QT4 high-speed dector digital printer, with its unique wood grain effect, high-speed production, and environmental protection and other advantages, quickly became one of the focuses of the scene. Among them, customers from Germany, Italy and other regions showed particularly strong interest in this new product and finally succeeded in reaching cooperation.

FLORA at drupa: Innovative printing technology leads the trend

FLORA QT4 high-speed dector digital printer adopts environmentally friendly ink, which not only ensures the quality of printed materials, but also reduces the pollution of the environment. The launch of this equipment not only brings unprecedented innovation to home decoration, building materials, furniture and other industries, meeting the continuous growth of the market demand for personalization and customization, but also extremely excellent in cost control, bringing real benefits to customers.

  • Green Printing for Development

While pursuing high efficiency, stability, and innovation, Runtianzhi always upholds the concept of environmental protection and is committed to promoting the development of green printing. Especially in the field of corrugated packaging, the FLORA Rhino 2500 digital printer is customized for batch packaging production, with a printing speed of 90 m/min. And it adopts environmentally friendly water-based ink for the characteristics of the industry, which ensures that the printing process is non-polluting and non-toxic, and provides a green and environmentally friendly solution for the packaging industry.

FLORA at drupa: Innovative printing technology leads the trend

As the global warming problem is becoming more and more serious, reducing carbon emissions has become a global consensus, and FLORA digital printer continues to optimize its energy structure and reduce energy consumption, and promote the sustainable development of the industry through technological innovation.

  • Intelligent Manufacturing Development

Intelligence and automation is another highlight of FLORA digital printer. Through the introduction of automated equipment and intelligent systems, FLORA digital printer realizes the automated production process from file transmission, printing setup to finished product output. This not only greatly improves production efficiency, but also further reduces labor costs. The application of intelligent operation and automated process optimization by FLORA digital printer not only improves the production efficiency and quality level of the printing industry, but also provides strong support for the sustainable development of the industry.

FLORA at drupa: Innovative printing technology leads the trend

In the future, with the continuous development of artificial intelligence and automation technology, Runtianzhi will continue to deepen the application of intelligence and automation, and through the introduction of new technologies and methods, further improve production efficiency, reduce costs, improve quality, and make greater contributions to the prosperity of the printing industry. 

  • Leading the Future Together

During drupa, the FLORA booth attracted thousands of printing manufacturers from dozens of countries, and reached cooperation intentions with a number of enterprises on the spot, harvested nearly ten on-site orders, and received recognition and praise from customers in Germany, Italy, the United States and other countries, further expanding the popularity and reputation of the FLORA brand in the global market.

FLORA at drupa: Innovative printing technology leads the trend

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