How to Store UV Inks Correctly?

UV printer inks , a type of chemical, are divided into soft inks, rigid inks, and flexible inks to fit differernt media.. The quality of the ink largely determines the imaging quality. Due to the special light-cure charater, which is also the base of the UV injet technology, how to preserve UV inks is very important to maintain the ink characters and  printing color quality. Let's see some tips:

How to Store UV Inks Correctly?

 1. Avoid light

     UV ink bottles has to be back to prevent daylight and the ink should be placed in a cool and dry place without direct sunshine. The environment temprature should be between 15℃ to 25℃, humidity should be 50% to70% . In such an environment,  chemical reactions will be restrained and chemical substances can remain original characters. 

2, Keep sealing

     UV inks must be transported with safe and sealed package. Unlike textile inks or solvent inks, UV inks preent a high usage rate, therefore , suppliers often pack UV inks in 1L volume each bottle. Users can keep the inks sealed until the previous one is used up. Users need to use up the unsealed ink as soon as possible, because chemical substances keep volatilizing after unseal expiry date will be largely shortened .  The longer the volatilization does, the worse the ink quality will be. If the ink hasn't been used up but printing stops, users should tightly seal the bottle cap and keep the ink bottle upwords

3, Check before use

       Users may buy a batch of inks in one time for inventory for future months. When the inks arrive in the warehouse, we strongly suggest users to create a chart or sheet to record the ink batch number, expiration date and quantity. The inks should be used as 'first-in, first out' to make sure the ink in inventory is within expiration period.

When users unseal a new bottle of ink, we suggest to check both the ink lablel carefully and the liquid itself to avoid color mix mistake.

4, UV ink is chemical, with toxic to human being. Workers should wear qualified suit and protect eyes or skin from touching, and avoid inhalation during the whole delivery, loading and unloading.  If you accidentally get the ink on skin, wash it with water immediately and keep observing. If inhalation or eye contact occurs, please go to hospital immediately for proper treatment with the ink bottle.

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